Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On The Road to Recovery...

Marcus came home Saturday morning from the hospital and is doing surprisingly well. He was in the hospital for four long days. It was hard to be apart that long. Christian had real issues with Daddy being gone. He knows that Daddy means business and while Daddy is out of commission, he is being a stinker butt. My mother in law was a huge help with the kids. I went to the hospital everyday while Marcus was there so I was away from Christian and Emma a lot too. The week was hard on all of us.
The surgery went well and both Marcus and Juan are healing nicely. The kidney is working very well for Juan. Marcus and Juan both had a few hard days after surgery. On two different occasions, the first time Marcus saw me for the day, he threw up. I was beginning to take it personally. (On of those times, Emma also decided throw up and get some on me. She had extra clothes, I didn't. It was great.) Marcus had his own Morphine pump that quickly became his best friend; I was beginning to worry that I was being replaced. Some of the things that came out of his mouth while he was drugged were hilarious, but not too out of character for Marcus. Even when he was in horrible, awful pain, he was still trying to grab my butt. If he didn't try to grope me, then I would have been worried about him.
I am glad that he is home, but I do have to admit it is hard. All four kids are here this week. Football pictures had to be sorted and delivered. All the Charley's stuff. Trying to stay caught up on laundry and dishes. Holy Moly! Single moms have my respect and admiration. I do have wonderful friends who are bringing us dinner for the next week. Not having to worry about dinner has been such a relief. Thanks guys!!!
Marcus called me yesterday while I was gone picking Christian up from preschool and said that channel 5 news would be to our house in half an hour. I think a few choice words slipped out of my mouth and I got home quicker than usual. I picked up the house the best I could before the news crew arrived. You can check out that story here.
I am looking forward to Marcus being 100% better. Life is much easier with both of us dealing with things. I am proud of him and what he has done. He is amazing. It'll always be nice when he isn't all drugged and falls asleep when I am right in the middle of saying something...wait...he does that anyway.

This morning he was laying in bed and holding cup of water that he moved so Emma wouldn't tip it over. I wasn't even looking in his direction, but when I heard the noise, I knew exactly what had happened. He had fallen asleep while he was holding the cup of water and dumped it all down the front of him. I couldn't help but burst out laughing...I should have known better. The cup wasn't empty so he decided that since I laughed, I needed to wear the rest. It was awesome. I think about him spilling it on himself and I still just giggle.

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J&Ainc said...

First, I am sorry that I am such a slacker friend! I have felt awful about not bringing dinner. I promise I will make it up somehow.
Second, I will now laugh join you in laughing everytime I think about Marcus spilling on himself and I didn't even see it.
Third, you both are amazing for taking on this challenge and handling it amazingly! You both inspire me to do more for those who are in need!
Thank you both for the example you are to me and my family!
Love Angel