Friday, September 12, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

Marcus and I had to wake up at 4:45 AM this morning to be at the hospital by 6. Surgery was suppose to be at 7:30. It is now 4:32 PM and we still are sitting here...waiting. Poor Marcus has watched me eat breakfast, lunch and a very yummy piece of carrot cake. He hasn't eaten since we ate dinner last night at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. We stayed in a hotel in SLC so we didn't have to get up so early this morning, cuz 4:45 am isn't early..but we would have had to gotten up even earlier if we would have stayed at home. My mother-in-law kept the kids overnight so we could come down to Salt Lake. So needless to say, we are exhausted.
We have had to wait to have the surgery because a little one at Primary Children's Hospital who is really sick got a liver today. The doctor doing their surgery is suppose to do Marcus' surgery as well. The doctor had to fly to Phoeniz to get the liver, come back and put it into the child who needed it. So Marcus' surgery has gotten pushed back to anywhere between 6 to 8 tonight.
It's impossible to be upset or annoyed that we have to wait here all day when a young child is getting a life saving liver. It's not convenient or fun, but we are surviving. We got to leave earlier this morning and do some shopping. We went to Nordstrom Rack and I got a cute sweater and dress...that makes the trip worth it. :)
We have done a lot of sitting and attempted sleeping, but it'll all be worth it in the end. I am pretty excited to have the surgery done and have life slowly get back to normal. September has been a busy month and I am ready for a break....not that I am going to get one while Marcus is recovering from surgery, but when he is all better, I am treating myself to a day at the spa!

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LostinPlaceKim said...

Okay. That makes your waiting a little more worthwhile. Lucky little baby. Marcus is in a good position, he gets to donate something he doesn't need to save a life he will get to see be lived. So few donors get that chance.