Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maybe My Chakra is Out of Whack...

Today after church we went up to Marcus' Mom's house for a visit. She had a little project for Christian and Emma to do. Before I explain the project or show pictures, there are a few things you need to know. First off, Jean is the nicest, kindest person I have ever met. In the almost eight years I have known her, I have never heard her say one negative thing about another person. She just has this calm to her that I can't explain. But she is crazy...downright certifiably loony. I love her to death, don't get me wrong, but she is a special spirit.
She has a tee-pee and a labyrinth in her backyard. (When I was pregnant with Emma, she tried to convince me if I walked the labyrinth with the right attitude, I would go into labor...yah, didn't work.) She has this whole posse that come and do drum circles and walk the labyrinth and worship crystals and trees...or something. She has these big stepping stones that lead you to the labyrinth. We did this as a family before Christian and Emma were a part of our family. Jean really wanted to get the two little ones their own stones. So we took the little ones up there and they did their stones to add to the collection. They both had fun playing in the cement and then hanging out in the tee pee eating Raspberry Floats.
I love Jean's house and yard. There is something about being there that is so relaxing and calming. She lives up by Logan in the canyon and has a big yard. I can be full of energy and wide awake, but the minute I get to her house, I am so ready to just sit, relax and fall asleep. It's also not bad that she gives the best foot message in the world and loves playing with the kids so I don't have to chase them around. The kids love it up there and maybe one of these times I can get more in tune with my Chakra Energy...or something.

Christian making his stepping stone.

Emma making her stepping stone...with help.

The finished products.

These are the stones we made in 2005.

This is the famous tee-pee and labyrinth. If you mention to anyone who drives to Logan a lot, almost everyone of them knows about the tee-pee. I do believe Jean is referred to as the "tee-pee lady" around her town.

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