Sunday, January 07, 2007

Take Luck!

This past week has been a pretty stressful one. New Year's in Vernal, driving back from Vernal, news from the doctor about the baby, Christian having another seizure on Thursday, and all the other little things that happened this past week. Not to mention Marcus starting a new job on Monday. He wasn't even looking for anything new, the new company came looking for him. It will be a good move for him and for our family, and I know he will do great. After all that, Marcus and I were finally able to go out alone on Saturday. The girls are with their mom this week, so we just had to get a sitter for Christian. We went out to dinner and to a comedy show in SLC. It was kind of a late birthday present to Marcus. We were suppose to go see the comedian, Brian Regan, in Dec., but I procrastinated on getting those tickets and they sold out. So we had to wait until Jan. to go see him. It was a pretty good show. It was nice to be out of the house, no kids, no "shop talk", and no worrying about everything that has happened this week. Life quickly went back to normal Saturday night when we got home. Christian woke up almost every hour, crying for whatever reason. He is getting sick again...FUN! The doctor says this is just a cold, so hopefully he can shake it quickly. Everyone blamed Christian for getting them sick around Christmas/New Year's, but he didn't have cold symptoms then. So now I can blame everyone who blamed him who know have colds because he does too. Thanks everyone! :) Let's all hope that this week can be a little more boring then the previous one.

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