Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

Christian turned two years old today. My little boy is growing up. It's not right. He is two going on six. He is so smart and funny; there is never a dull moment with him. He can say so much now. I have to watch EVERY thing I say because he will copy me word for word. He loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Wheels on the Bus. We are still working on his ABC's and counting. He refuses to start with the number 1. 2 is the beginning for him. Any number that he can't remember is 2. We missed everything from the first year of his life and I still feel cheated at times. But if I sit and think about it, we have been able to experience so much with him this past year. We heard him say his first word, "mama." (of course) He took his first steps with us. He has grown so much. He is a little boy now, no longer a baby.
He is so polite and kind. He will usually say "Please" and "Thank you." He will bless you when you sneeze or cough. He can say the prayer at dinner (with a little help from Mommy or Daddy). If you are crying or sad, he will come give you a hug and kiss. He will do anything for candy. He loves macaroni and cheese. First thing in the morning and whenever he is thirsty, he will say "milk". That means he needs a drink. He LOVES Elmo and SpongeBob. He likes to read books. His favorites right now are Goodnight Moon and Love You Forever. He loves to play with his sisters and his daddy. They are crazy together. He enjoys playing guitars with his daddy. He rides his bike around the kitchen like a madman. It is pretty scary to get in his way. He is starting to get interested in potty training. (mainly because of his Elmo toilet seat.) Right now he thinks the toilet is only to throw up in. He will go to the toilet, stand over it, and make throwing up noises. He has seen me do this many times and thinks it's normal. He will talk into his baby monitor because he knows I can hear him. He says "Hi, Mommy" and with some help, I have also heard "Mommy, I need a kiss." (That was my favorite.)
He can be a handful at times; he loves to climb and get into EVERYTHING. If you take your eyes off him for a split second, he is gone. He tries to drink from the dogs' water like he sees the dogs do. He likes watching Sesame Street, mainly Elmo's World. Gotta love that show. He also likes to watch football on TV with his daddy. Whenever he sees it on TV he yells "football, football". He also likes the Utah Jazz. He can tell when they are playing or whenever somebody is wearing something with the Jazz logo on it.
Christian brings so much joy and love into our home. He was meant to be our little boy. Happy Birthday my beautiful baby boy!!

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