Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's A Girl!!

We learned two weeks ago that we are having a little girl. I am not completely convinced since it was pretty early in the pregnancy, but I'm sure we would have seen more if it was a boy. So now that we are pretty certain it is a girl, we have run into more problems. Marcus and I can't completely agree on any names. We have a couple we are throwing around, none that we both love and none that we are totally set on. The bigger problem we are running into is that our little girl has no room. Jessi was completely willing and really wanted to move into the basement when Marcus started to make me a craft room/office down there. Then somebody convinced her moving to a different level of the house where her dad isn't, isn't a smart idea. So now she doesn't want to move down there. Once we have the whole basement finished and she sees how cool it is, I'm sure she'll change her mind. So the baby's first outfit the girls picked out is hanging up in my closet since there is no where to put her stuff yet. I know we have plenty of time to worry about everything, but I also know that she will be here before we know it. I like to have things planned out and organized in advance. It is hard for me to just have to sit back and wait it out. Oh well, I will do what I can and just hope everything beyond my control works out.

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