Friday, January 12, 2007

So I Thought My Life Sucked Before....

Today Christian went in for his 2 year wellness check with his pediatrician. He is a healthy little boy who is growing like a weed. He is still considered small for his age, but what he lacks in weight and height, he makes up with energy and attitude. I was talking to the Dr. about toilet training and his dang obsession with his stinking sippy cup. We all decided it was time to get him off the cup. He uses it primarily for a pacifier instead of a cup. But, this is also what he drinks out of, so taking it away completely is not an option. To get him from not relying on his cup as much, she recommended that he doesn't have it during the day unless he is drinking, he doesn't have it at nap time, and eventually, not at bedtime either. Does this woman hate me?! What did I ever do to her? I know it is time to get rid of it, but now, with everything else going on, can we really do it?
I figured there was no time like the present to start. So at nap time today, he didn't get a cup. I figured he would cry for a while and cry himself to sleep. Yeah, right...and what am I smoking? He screamed and cried for a long time, so I went up and rocked him for awhile and put him back down. Big mistake. This made him even more upset when I put him back in bed. I let him cry for another 20 minutes or so before I just couldn't take it anymore. He wanted nothing to do with me when I tried to pick him up. He said...or rather screamed, "NO!" and pushed me away and kept on screaming. Ouch! That hurt. I finally just picked him up and rocked him. He calmed down, but refused to look at me. If I caught him looking at me, he would quickly turn his head and look somewhere else. He finally fell asleep, so I tried to lay him in his such luck. He freaked out all over again. I got him back up and rocked him until he was asleep and then I laid down with him on my bed so I could sneak away a lot easier then putting him in his crib. He has now been asleep for the last hour. Thank goodness!! And it's only the first day.
I don't really see what's wrong with a grown man still sucking on a sippy cup for comfort. Seriously, what is the harm?!

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