Sunday, October 22, 2006

Which One Is It?

So I need to figure out if I should be flattered or embarrassed....Jessi, who is almost ten, has gotten into this habit of wanting to borrow my clothes. I have let her borrow a few things here and there for the last little while, which has been no big deal. But, today I let her borrow my shirt and it got me thinking....Should I be flattered and feel good that a ten year old can share clothes with me or should I be embarrassed because I dress like a ten year old?!?!

Jessi is going on ten, but sometimes she acts like she is twenty. She is a very smart young lady, and we are becoming more of friends then stepdaughter/stepmom. It's nice to have someone who values my opinion and thinks I am pretty cool....Okay, maybe only sometimes does she think I am cool...But hey, that's better then never. She is getting to really like her personal space and her alone time with parents and friends. Poor Taylor just doesn't get that. Taylor is the exact opposite...She hates being alone and doesn't understand why Jessi would ever want to be without her. Those two can be the best of friends one minute, then the very next minute they are worst enemies. But even then, the fighting doesn't last long. I know that my relationship with the girls, Taylor in particular, hasn't always been perfect. And I know that there will be continued obstacles. The first time I have to hear, "But you aren't my mom!" will just break my heart. But things are going well now, and the three of us have some good times together. They are both growing up very quickly and like to act much older then they are some times. Hopefully as they continue to grow up and our relationship continues to grow, we can all stay close and they can realize how important they are to me.

So when I am thirty something and they are teenagers using my things, do I feel flattered or embarrassed? As long as we all look good, does it really matter?!

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