Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today We Became a Forever Family

Today Marcus, Christian and I went to the Bountiful Temple and were sealed together as a family. It was a wonderful day. We were heartbroken that Jessica and Taylor couldn't be there with us; our little family wasn't complete without them. We know this adoption has been hard on the girls because they are only with us half the time and don't always feel like a complete part of our family. One day we hope that we will be able to take them to the temple with us. We know that this will help them with some of the insecurities they have and let them know that they are just as important and special to us as Christian. Until that day we will continue to tell them how important they are to us and pray that they will know in their hearts that we love them every as much as our little boy.
Christian was so good at the temple. As usual, he had everyone fall in love with him after just a few minutes. He was giving all the ladies in the youth center "knuckles". He was so well-behaved it was almost scary. A lot of family and friends came to support us and show their love. After the sealing we went to the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. (That was the first place we ever met Christian. We went there more out of the sentimental value of the place then for the food; let's just say I ate most of Christian's mac and cheese.) Marcus' mom was able to join us for lunch, along with Tiffany and Monty. It was good to have them be able to share this day with us as well. It was a perfect day!

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