Friday, May 30, 2008

Keep Your Fingers Crossed...

I have had the feeling for the last two months to back up my pictures on my laptop. Did I do it? I talked about doing it a lot. I talked about putting all the pictures on disks. I talked about having Marcus set up a way to have a server at one of the restaurants and saving a back up there. I even talked about printing all my pictures "just in case" something happened. Did I do any of those things? Should I have done all those things?

The "just in case" has happened. My computer is dead. Completely in hard drive dead. In the beginning, I panicked. I got sick to my stomach. I may have let a curse word or two..or ten slip out. I almost cried...I still may need to. Hopefully I will find out shortly whether or not I will need to go into mourning for a few weeks. My wonderful, smart, talented husband has saved the day! (I think.) It looks like most of the stuff from my hard drive is recoverable. Marcus has been working on it all day and still isn't done. Some of my music files didn't get saved, but oh well. I really just want my pictures. Anything else on my computer I can redo or refind. But I can't redo any of the thousands of pictures that are on my hard drive.

Hopefully my knight in shining armor can fix it. Next time maybe I should listen to the promptings. I am still gonna spend a pretty penny getting a lot of them printed. That'll be fun.

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LostinPlaceKim said...

This is one of my biggest fears as well. I put them all on cd not once, but twice. You know, just in case one cd fails over time or something. Though in doing so, I realized I am missing CHUNKS of time - those pictures are just gone. That sick feeling really does suck. Although, now that they're on CD and not on my computer, I don't do a blasted thing with them and it's really stinkin' inconvenient. I'm thinking the server idea is the best way to go!!! (In addition to the CDs cuz eee gads! what if the server crashes?????)