Monday, June 16, 2008

PSS: Not With a Ten Foot Pole...

Amy asked (like three weeks ago) "If you were running for President, what would your policies be and what would you say to get elected?"

In my high school American Government class one day we separated into groups based on our thoughts and opinions on current issues; abortion, homosexuals, AIDS, Gun control, etc. I was all by myself. Not one other person had the same thoughts or opinions I did.

Many of our friends have very strong political views and opinions. I have learned to not talk politics. I know what I believe in and I am not going to force you into believing what I do. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. Agree to disagree is what I think when it comes to politics.

I don't think I could ever run for any kind of office. I wouldn't deal well if I lost. I don't deal well with disappointed and failure.

I guess I am taking the chicken way out of this question (SORRY!) and not really answer it.

Go Obama!!!

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