Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early Mother's Day Celebration

On Thursday we celebrated Mother's Day before Jessi and Taylor went to their mom's house for the week. I was kicked out of the house for about two hours while they got stuff ready. After dinner, baseball practice and Marcus' meeting, I got my goods. All four of the kids made me a card; it was the best card ever!!! I also got an 8 gig I-pod Nano. I have had a little I-pod that I have been using while I run that I have had to shove down my shirt or into my sports bra to keep it from flying everywhere. This I-pod has an arm holder which will be much nicer than shoving it into my cleavage. Wait until you see the card....

I do believe I was freaking out over the'll understand in a second...

Jessi's Page

Taylor's page

Christian's page

Emma's you see what that is?! Read the look back at the pink picture on the card...Yes, that is Emma's butt print. Yes, they covered the poor baby's butt in pink paint to make her card. Yes, I yelled at Marcus...and then laughed really, really hard.

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Janice said...

THat butt pictures is the best, I might have to do that one for fathers day. HEE HEE