Friday, June 27, 2008

PSS:Find a Happy Place...

Last week (yes, I am almost all caught up!) Kim asked: "What is your favorite area of your home and why?"

This is an easy one for me: Emma's room. I LOVE Emma's room. Christian, Emma and I spend a lot of time in there with the door closed so she can't escape. Marcus spent so much time and effort on this room. Everything on the walls except for one picture is handmade by either Marcus, myself, my mother in law or my awesome sister.

There is now a cute tutu hanging on the wall by the flower. Marcus' camera hates me so I didn't get a new picture. The framed picture above the crib is from Target; that is the one thing not homemade.

All the kids' rooms have the same saying above their doors...just in different colors and different fonts. It says "I am a Child of God."

The vinyl lettering above the window says "Thank Heaven for Little Girls."

It's a very cute little girl's room. It fits a baby and can grow with her as she grows for the next little while. I'm hoping this room can last until Emma's at least five or six...but watch her hate the color purple or flowers.

All the kids' bedrooms are their own "special" way.

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Shane said...

You did a pretty amazing job on this room! Emma has a pretty-cool Mommy.