Monday, October 29, 2007

The Truth Always Comes Out...

For the last six years I have been in a relationship with one of the most wonderful and talented people I have ever known. Recently I had what I can only call a moment of weakness. I didn't want to. I always swore I was not capable of such a thing, and it is painful to admit, but I was unfaithful. Not just unfaithful, but unfaithful with a person who has been a close friend of my husband for years and is also our business accountant. I guess I need to just come right out and face the truth; I had my hair done by someone other than Andrea. She has been there for the long, the short, the brown, the blond, the red, all the stages of Monica and I betrayed her. I sought comfort in the welcoming arms of Stacy. (Yes, she really is our accountant and happens to be a very gentle and loving cosmetologist.) I feel like such a hair whore.

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