Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blah, Blah and More Blah...

I have all these great ideas for posts that I want to do. But do I do them? No. Why? Who knows. Too busy? Too lazy? Too tired? It's probably a combo of all three. I also realized that I don't want to be one of those people who post about all the "cool things" they do that no one really cares about. I don't want to post to make people think I am cool. I'm not, I all ready know that. The days seem to go by too quickly. I found myself bawling as I was going through Emma's clothes, having to put the ones that were too small away. Where did the last four months go? I feel like I missed so much. When does life get normal again? I can't say back to normal because things have changed and that normal is no longer normal. I keep thinking, "After this thing happens, life will get normal." or "After this event, life will slow down." I find I am wrong every time. I'm sure if I was more organized and on top of things, life would go smoother and everyone would be happy. I thrive off routine. I miss routine. Just when I think Christian is back on a routine, he won't go to sleep until midnight. (Yeah, we are going on about a week of this.) Just when I think Emma is on a routine, wait..Emma. Routine. That's a funny thought.
I decided awhile ago that I wanted to run a marathon next year, so that means I should start training now. Have I started yet? Of course not. I keep thinking, "Yeah, tomorrow I'll go run a mile." Tomorrow has come and gone a lot. I haven't ran at all. I am determined to do it though. I will tomorrow for sure. I'm also giving up Dr Pepper...tomorrow. I will also do all the laundry, clean the whole house, pay all the bills and be happy...tomorrow....all tomorrow.

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Mammawannabe said...

I'm right there with goes fast enough as it is. I wish I just had one day that I actually had the motivation to get done what has to be done (either that, or a professional cleaning service), but it never fails. In the end, on my slower days, I have no energy and no motivation. Bleh.