Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Where is Mary Poppins When You Need Her?

I leave for Virginia tomorrow afternoon. I am viewing it as my last "me time" before life gets even crazier. I'll get to spend time with my sister, her adorable baby and her WONDERFUL husband. We'll do lots of baby shopping and just hanging out. I am looking very forward to a break from reality. But, unlike everything else the past few months, I am running into problems. Can nothing be simple anymore? We have found coverage for Christian for the whole time that I am gone except for four hours Monday morning. I trust very few people to watch Christian and of those few, no one is available. I worry that Marcus and I are too paranoid and need to relax a little bit. Then I watch Christian run around the house like a madman and know that I have to picky about who watches him. There are plenty of people that I am sure would love to watch him, but I just don't feel comfortable leaving him with. Where is Mary Poppins when you need her? So maybe instead of complaining about not knowing where he is going to go, I should maybe be making phone calls, ya think?!

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