Tuesday, March 13, 2007

89 Days

89 days to go. 89 days until my world is turned upside down. 89 days to get everything ready. 89 days to finish projects that if I don't get done before 89 days are over, will never get done. 89 days to continue to stress out and freak out about the thought of actually giving birth. 89 days until I meet my little girl. 89 days until I become a mommy again. 89 more days of hoping and praying everything turns out all right. 89 more days of breakfast in bed. 89 days of rotating four pairs of pants because I am too cheap to buy more. 89 days of craving raw potatoes and Lime Rickeys. Have I mentioned I only have 89 more days until Baby G is born? (I stole that name from my sister. It's cuter then hey you.) 89 days....assuming I don't pull a Kim/Madeleine and Baby G is born early; 89 days to worry about that.....

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