Thursday, March 15, 2007

Melt Down Over Play Dough? Seriously?!

I can not deal with the emotional outbursts of a 10 year old. Call it hormones, call it moodiness, call it whatever you want. Mom, if I was ever this bad at this age--I am SOOOO sorry. Holy moly. I know all children need a way to express anger, frustration, and not getting their way, but how do you help teach them the right way vs the way that ends up with them slamming their door at least once a night? Jessi and I are more friends then child/parental figure, which makes it even worse when I am the one that has to deal with a lot of the drama when she is at our house. And the fact that I am so exhausted and have no patience after a day dealing with Christian's outbursts doesn't really help. I don't think just blaming the fact that kids (girls, especially) get this way at this age is appropriate. I am just beginning to teach Christian how to deal with disappointment and he is two. It seems that there are two stages in life when you have to teach this lesson. I don't know if it's the instability of the two houses, the fact that she hasn't been going to sleep until later than she should, or just a "phase", but goodness child...CHILL THE FREAK OUT!!! Okay, enough ranting. When Jessi does get upset, it doesn't last very long. (Thank goodness.) I guess this is just another bump in the road we all have to deal with. I need to find myself a good shrink. Know of anyone???

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