Monday, April 18, 2011

Memo Boards...

I made all the kids material covered memo boards a few years ago.
Poor Emma is still playing catch up on cute homemade things she doesn't have
that all the others have. I have had the supplies for her memo board for a few
months and just kept putting off. Mommy guilt finally got the best of me
so I whipped her up one the other day.

They are so cute and easy and can be used anywhere.
This is what I used for Emma's.
(Keep in mind, she's three.) :)

Small cork board.
I chose a smaller cork board than I did for the rest.
I figured by the time she needs a bigger one,
she isn't going to be wanting the wands and crowns anymore any way.

I had some left over from some quilts I made.

The amount of material depends on the size of board you are doing.

Any size or color. Just whatever you are wanting to use.



I have to admit, I got lazy on Emma's. I have so much going on but really wanted to make her one. Normally I sew the buttons onto the ribbon and then sew the ribbon onto the material on the board.

So it looks like this:

But that takes awhile, and I didn't have awhile. So I skipped the buttons on hers and just used hot glue to glue the ribbons on to the material.

Shhh..don't tell her I took the lazy way out.

This is what it looks like after you have glued on the batting.
(only one blister from doing it with the glue gun, thank you very much!)

Then you put the material on. The hardest part is getting the corners to look good and sharp. I folded mine like I would fold a present.

Size your ribbons and glue them onto the back.

The back is really ugly when it's done so I took extra material and covered all the uglies.

And that's it! You are now free to put whatever pictures or cards or
keepsakes you want on it and
you are good to go.
(My husband hates it when I say "good to go")

This one matches her room perfectly...for now.
Until she decides she doesn't like purple and flowers.
She acts like she is 16 so I am just waiting for her to say
she wants me paint her room black and put skulls all over...

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MELANIE said...

Love this girls love collecting stuff in their rooms. I might have to go into my fabric stash and make some soon. newest follower of yours.


Ewa said...

great idea, I have to try to make one of them :)

Aubrey S. said...

Great work!

Mom said...

My girls made these in Young Women's. It was a fun and quick project that helped them be more organized. Great pictures!