Monday, May 03, 2010

Look Who's Back...

It seems I have checked out the past little while. Between my surgery, all our business drama, wanting adopt again, and life, I have somehow lost who I am. I let the stress and negativity almost drown me. I almost lost faith and hope. I almost lost my faith in humanity. I let people's negative comments about my surgery effect me way more then I should have. I let people's questions about why we are wanting to adopt again now make me grumpy. (I know we are going through a lawsuit and don't have an extra penny to adopt right now, but I also know that we are suppose to adopt now. I know there is a baby out there for us. It may not happen right away, but I can't push aside the feelings I have.) Trying to get our adoption blog up, researching adoption and trying to find a way to make it work has given me something positive and happy to focus on amidst all this crap...

I haven't been a very pleasant person lately. But.....she's baaaack!!!

I feel like me again. I've gotten to the point where it's either sink or swim, and I have decided to swim. I haven't done anything crafty in months. I have lost all creativity I once had. But hopefully over time, it'll all come back. Here are a few things I accomplished this weekend:

I made marble magnets for Mother's Day and for Teacher Appreciation Day. I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl. It did an okay job but I couldn't put the letters on straight to save my life. I had everything I needed in my craft room except for the marbles. It turned out to be a really inexpensive project.

I also made little bucket's for Christian's and Emma's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day. I filled them candy, a cute fat pen and the marble magnets. Now I just need to make sure the candy actually stays in there between now and Friday. I know a couple of little hands that like to swipe candy...okay, maybe my hands aren't so little...

I FINALLY finished Emma's growth chart. Never mind the fact that she will be three next month.

Painting these boards is a pain in the butt!!! I forgot how long it took me to do Christian's, and then as soon as I started Emma's, it all came back to me. Emma's chart has gone through a couple of wooden embellishments all ready. I think it was her way of telling me to get it done and on the wall all ready.

I also did a project for my Mom for Mother's Day, but can't post pictures. Here's proof that it was messy though!

We also put together Tammie's (Christian's birth mom) Mother's Day package. I always stress over what to send. There is nothing I could ever send her to let her know how much we love and appreciate her. She is an answer to our prayers and my biggest hero. There is nothing I could ever make or buy that would give her as much joy and happiness as the gift she gave us. She got some of the marble magnets as well. Christian made her a Mother's Day card and we wrote her a very long letter. Since we brought Christian home, we have been sending Tammie scrapbook pages for her to add to the book we gave her. It's nothing too fancy, but we all love it. I also ordered her a necklace from this cute little etsy shop. I love it and want to order one for myself soon.

I'm also trying to regain control of my house again. Laundry will not defeat me!!

I am also getting my butt kicked trying to get the yard sale organized for our adoption fundraiser. I never realized how much work goes into these things. If you have any pointers or tips on how to make things go smoothly, please share.

I have lots more projects to come. I am bound and determined to finished the blasted doll house before all the kids are too big to play with it!!


LostinPlaceKim said...

So is it actually attached to the wall yet? I am not bringing that baby back til it's attached to the wall. She will NOT break it again. Twerp. It's way cute with the new pieces on it. (SORRY!!! Again!!!!)

Monica said...

Of course not!! I'm not that on top of things yet.