Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Officially Over

Happy Barenaked Giving is now officially over. I had a very good weekend. Marcus, Christian and I drove back from Vernal on Friday. That trip gets longer and longer every time. Friday was my birthday and the girls came over to help celebrate it. Christian, Jessica, Taylor, and Marcus gave me a really cool basket stocked full of fun stuff. Christian stayed with a babysitter and the rest of us went to the Jazz/Laker game. It was really fun and a great game. Jazz won!! We got really good seats from Marcus' work. We all got new Jazz shirts to wear for the season. Then on Saturday, Marcus and I went to Gardner Village where we got massages, had lunch and did some shopping. It was so nice and relaxing after a crazy weekend. When we got home, we rested for awhile and then we went Christmas shopping. We are almost done and that is a good feeling. (done with the kids anyway. I haven't even began for anybody else yet.) Technically, Sunday should have been included in our little Happy Barenaked Giving weekend, but Sunday was a sick day. All during all the activities the past few days, I feel okay. I only had to use one of my really expensive drugs. (I spent $100 on four pills. I have two left. They are the best things in the world!!) Then on Sunday, I felt horrible. So luckily, all the fun activities were done and I could just lay around and sleep all day on Sunday. Now are little weekend is over and it's back to reality; back to work, back to cleaning, back to feeling sick everyday. We are going to be decorating for Christmas this week so hopefully I can stop worshipping the porcelain God long enough to make the house look good. Hopefully with some holiday decorating I can get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays.

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