Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How Much More Of This???

This pregnancy is making me so sick. Before I start my ranting, I am not complaining about being sick. I am very grateful for being so miserable....But I am just that...MISERABLE!!! Everyday it is a guessing game if whether or not I can even get out of bed. (which with Christian, isn't really an option.) It is so bad that I had to ask the doctor for a prescription for something to help with the sickness. The pills make me feel better, but they knock me out. So now I have a choice to make: I am either horribly sick or unconscious. (Neither is that good of an option.) I am hoping that I am only sick for the first trimester...That is a whole month more, but I can't handle feeling like this until June. I am slacking on responsibilities I have, it is affecting the kind of mom I am, and I am just down right grumpy because I feel so horrible.

Marcus has been absolutely amazing during all this. He is so patient and understanding and gets me any little thing I need. The past week he has pretty much been working full time and then coming home and being a single parent. He runs to the store at any time, day or night, to get me anything I want. He seems to know what I want a lot of the time before I even know what it is. He has been giving me massages every night before bed that have been helping me sleep much better. He is amazing and I can't thank him enough.

I didn't think a lot of the "side effects" I am having happened so early in pregnancy. My chest hurts so bad!! I didn't think that happened until way later into the whole thing. My mom and sister (BRATS!) were not sick during their pregnancies....So why am I?? It's not fair!! :) I am losing weight from not being able to eat anything. The scale was lower this morning then it has been in seven years. I thought I was suppose to be gaining weight, not losing it. The thought of eating most food makes me so nauseous. Smells are horrible. I need to wear a mask that blocks out all smells. Can you tell I am miserable?? But, like I said earlier, I am not complaining. :)

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