Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiny Dancer...

We signed Emma up for a Mommy and Me dance class this last fall. They had their Spring concert a couple of weeks ago. When classes first started, I had to ask myself, "What in the world did I do?" Emma didn't listen, didn't dance, didn't do much of anything. All she wanted to do was run around and then sit on my lap. Then after Christmas break, something just clicked. She is a totally different little dancer now. She was so excited for her concert. She loved it!! She knows the technical names of the a lot the moves and is dancing around the house all the time now. We weren't going to sign her up for summer classes, but after the concert she wouldn't stop talking about dancing or her class. So I caved and signed her up for summer classes. I don't stay with her anymore; she has moved up to the 3/4 year old class. It has been two weeks and she is still loving it.

She LoVeD her trophy and flower. After the concert we went and got ice cream...well sorbet for the little dancer. Emma did GrEaT! I was so worried she would just get on stage and stand there. I was very impressed. I love this little girl to pieces!!

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