Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week I decided to do something I have never done before; I made homemade peach jam. It was definitely a learning experience. I only had Emma home with me; Christian was at his first day of preschool. Emma watched a lot of Dora that day. I set out to do one batch and ended up making 35 jars of jam. It took me all stinking day!!

I had to call my mom to figure out how to peel the peaches...I'm not smart, I know.

They were so slimy and icky to cut into pieces. It was actually quite gross.

I was a bad judge of how many peaches to cut, which might explain why I did 35 jars.

I got smart after the first batch and moved the burning, hot, sticky liquid into a bigger pan so I didn't get burned...again...and my stove unit may never be the same again.

I don't have all the official equipment for canning, but I made do. I only burned myself a few times and said a couple of cuss words..but if no one heard me, it doesn't count, right? RIGHT?!

My biggest gripe about the whole thing was how big of a mess it made. i tried to clean up as I went, but it didn't work. While one batch was processing, that was my "I really am not ignoring my daughter all day. Let me play with you for 20 minutes Emma before I ignore you again for 45 minutes" time.

Oh the yummy goodness that finally made the whole thing worth it.

My next project is redoing the doll house for Emma that has been in the basement collecting dust for the past couple of years. It's taking me A LOT longer then I initially anticipated.
I am also working on making blankets to donate to the Women and Children's center for a Personal Progress project. So if you have any extra material, yarn or batting you have just sitting around, give me a holler and I would love to take it off your hands. Or even better, if you want to help me tie some, I may reward your hard work with some yummy jam!!


Jodi said...

Good Job Monica! Those jars look beautiful!

LostinPlaceKim said...

And it was YUMMY! I want more! Even if it means I have to make some quilts for you. So long as you supply the uh, supplies :P

Limb's Just Branching Out! said...

That is awesome, I am so impressed! Freezer jam is as good as it gets at my house!