Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

We had a family reunion back in July. I have been too lazy to post pictures because it takes so stinking long to upload pictures, but I finally gave in to peer pressure.

We went down by Duchesne for a couple of days. I'm not a camper, but it wasn't too bad. There was a river right by where we were camping. It was fun for the older kids; Emma wanted to be a big kid. I couldn't take my eye off her for a minute or she would run right down and try to get in. She's naughty that way.

Christian, Koby and Kasen playing in the water.

Christian has gotten over his fear of the water. I guess that is a good thing.

Monica, Christian and Kasen going down the river. I really stunk at steering the raft.

Jessi trying to clothes line herself.

She thought we were trying to kill her...notice she is the only one who did that. DUH!!

Monica and Christian floating along.


Marcus cheats at every game we play. I couldn't even reach the ball.

Christian loves his life jacket. He wore it the whole time we were there. I did make him take it off to sleep. I'm horrible, I know.

We tried to convince Taylor that it was 100+ but she wouldn't take off the scarf. That's Taylor for ya.

I tried many things to distract Emma from the river. We were blowing bubbles and she loved chasing them.

The water was FrEeZiNg!!! Emma didn't care, but holy crap!! I did!!

We do a family reunion every year around my grandpa's birthday. He died five years ago and we have been getting together at least once a year ever since. Most of the Walker clan lives in Vernal; only a few of us were smart enough to leave. I kid, I kid...Vernal's awesome. Where else do they have a big green dinosaur that they dress up or decorate for every holiday and occasion?
Most of the family were there at some point. It was fun to hang out and I even learned how to make a Waa-dinger. (don't ask.) We look forward to going again next year, but who ever is in charge, please don't reserve a camping spot right by the river; the sound of it made me have to pee a lot. :)


mrcus said...

No one ever takes my picture but I was there I promise

Monica said...

There were some pictures of you...they just looked kinda dumb!! Love ya! ;)