Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Not So Extreme Makeover: Our Edition

We are currently undergoing some minor "remodeling". Emma has no room. She sleeps in a bassinet in my room and shares Christian's closet with him. When we found out we were pregnant, we were going to move Jessi downstairs, move Taylor to Jessi's old room and give Emma Taylor's old room. Then Jessi was convinced by someone to not move downstairs because she would be too far away from her dad. That threw a huge wedge in our plans. After much thought and reconsidering from Jessi, (and Taylor and Christian always barging in uninvited) she decided moving downstairs wouldn't be so bad after all. So we began working on her room. Taylor debated whether or not to move downstairs, but then it was decided she would stay upstairs. Marcus repainted her room and made it all pink cute. It turned out pink cute and Taylor is pink pleased with it. Christian's room also got a slight face lift; his big boy bed. He loves it...well playing in it anyway. Staying in bed at night is a whole other story. Jessi's new room is now waiting for the carpet and wallpaper to come in. She is very excited to move down there and have a place she can call her own. We did have to take the door off the basement, but it'll look nice when it's all done.

This it Taylor's room before it was pink redone.

This was Christian's baby room.

This is Taylor's pink new room.

This is Christian's new big boy room.

He LOVES his new bed.

I will post pictures of Jessi's and Emma's room as they get finished. It's a fun project, but pretty exhausting. I am determined to get something done to my room...even just a new bed set since Christian got red fingernail polish all over my current comforter. Every room in the house has been done to some point since we built but my bedroom. It has always been just a whole bunch of hodge podge items. My bedroom better be next!!


Kim said...

Wow. Pink. Very, very pink.

Mammawannabe said...

Hi -

I'm your Shades of Red Swap partner. I just wanted to stop by and read who I am shopping for today :) I LOVE the remodeling...perhaps you could come and remodel my house when you are done with yours? That's some serious talent you have!!!!