Thursday, August 30, 2007

But You Are Wearing Sweatpants

"Are you changing so we can go to the mall?"

"No, I am going through my clothes and getting rid of the ones I don't want anymore."

"But aren't we going to the mall?"

"Yah, in a little bit."

"But you are wearing sweatpants!"


"You are going to wear them to the mall?!"

You would have thought going to the mall in sweatpants was the worst thing I could possibly do. There was a time in my life where I wouldn't be caught dead outside of the house in sweatpants, with my hair not done or my makeup not done. The summer before I went into seventh grade, I went to the ball park with my friend to watch her brother play baseball. I was wearing gray sweatpants and didn't look too cute. Who did we see that day? The boy I was madly in love with, of course!! I vowed from that day on that I would never leave the house unless I was completely done up. I did that for a very long time. Then I had a baby and said, "Screw it!". It's okay to wear comfortable clothes and throw your hair in a pony. So I guess I have grown up a little bit. However, I still to this day will not leave the house without mascara and lip gloss on.

Even after Jessi gave me grief over what I was wearing, she still went through the clothes I was getting rid of and took some for herself.

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