Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Seriously...Knock It Off

Kidding or not, the next person who tells me when I can or cannot have this baby is going to lose their head. I have had it! It's not funny. It's making me crazy. I am sorry if it affects your work schedule, your travel schedule, your life. I apoligize for not clearing my due date with any of you. I apoligize for not having this baby yet. I apoligize for not being willing to drink Castor Oil to speed things along. I apoligize for being stubborn and not going into labor. I apoligize for not being able to tell you when the baby is going to be born. I apoligize for not thinking about how this is affecting you and your life. I apoligize...wait. No I don't; I don't apoligize for any of that. This little baby will come when she is good and ready and I appreciate that my doctor has my health and the health of my unborn child as his priority. Yes, it is frustrating not knowing what is happening or when it is going to happen. Yes, this whole pregnancy has been difficult and unpredictable. Why should the labor and delivery be any easier? Yes, I am extremely grumpy and pissy about this, but seriously...knock it off!

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