Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

The homemade gifts, poems and such that I have gotten from the girls over the past few years for various holidays are cute but usually pretty corny. I display them for a while and then they end up in the basement in a bin. This Mother's Day I got really cool things from all three...actually four, kids. We celebrated an early Mother's Day on Thursday since the girls wouldn't be here on Sunday. I got some nice presents from all of them, but the ones I actually liked the best this year are the ones that I normally consider corny. Taylor gave me a flower in a cup that had a cute little poem about how she can find me laying down, doing laundry or in the hospital. I thought that was rather funny. Then Christian made me a cute teddy bear picture with his hand print on it at daycare. Jessi wrote me an amazing poem that I will cherish forever. Usually, the Mother's Day poems and projects seem pretty generic to me; the girls can use them for me or their mom. This poem from Jessi was very personalized and I could tell she put some thought into it. I loved it and wanted to share:

Super Mom

My mother is the most wonderful mother in the whole world! She's as pretty as a pregnant butterfly. She weighs 128 pounds and she's five foot eight inches tall. Her favorite food is anything she makes that is not burnt. My mother loves me best when I make fun of her and bug her. I like being with my mom when she isn't making me clean anything up. In the good old days when my mom was little, she used to play with her two big brothers and other younger brother. My favorite thing about my mother is she is always so fun to be around and bug. If I could get my mother something special just from me it would be another chance to see her grandpa. I wouldn't trade my mother for anything. Happy Mother's Day!

I laughed at some of it, wanted to refute certain parts and almost cried at others. It was very nice.
Then on Sunday, Marcus gave me some presents from the baby and gift certificates to Roberts. He made me breakfast and dinner and we had a good day. All three kids wished me a Happy Mother's Day and the baby couldn't be left out; we were almost thinking she was going to join us on Sunday but it was a false alarm.
Being a mommy is a wonderful thing!!

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Kim said...

Wow. I feel oddly hurt that I was left out. Sheesh. But that is absolutely adorable and sweet!