Sunday, December 24, 2006

Is It Over Yet?!

I am so ready for the holiday season to be over. Don't get me wrong, I get the whole "remember the season" and the "true meaning of Christmas". But, unfortunately, all the "other stuff" seems to be over-shadowing everything else.

This last week and a half has been INSANE. Jessi had her birthday party on Friday/Saturday. Friday she had a sleep-over with four other obnoxious nine/ten year olds. Christian decided to get sick that night--without clearing it with my schedule. Then on Saturday we had a party at the swimming pool in Layton for the other half of her party. Drama! Drama! Saturday was also Marcus' birthday so we had to do the whole birthday celebration with him as well.

On Sunday, the whole family had to talk in Sacrament. I have never had to talk in Sacrament before, so it was an experience. It went well, considering I didn't start planning my talk until 11:00 Saturday night with a sick baby. So the four of us went to church and the sick little one stayed home with Grandma. Then after church, we had Marcus' family party at our house. Everyone came over and had dinner and opened presents. Everyone had a really nice time; there were just so many people in the house at one time.

Monday, my sister, brother-in-law, and their baby flew in from Virginia. Whenever my sister and I get together we have to go shopping, we did a lot of that during the week. Don't forget, Christian is still sick during all this time. I had to do holiday baking, finish all my shopping, run a restaurant in a mall during this time of year, deliver all the holiday goodies to neighbors and friends, take care of a sick baby, and I am still sick most everyday from being pregnant. On Wednesday, I ended up taking Christian to the doctor. He just wasn't getting any better. I figured the Dr. would just tell me it was the flu and there was nothing they could do about it. I was wrong. I felt so bad for not taking Christian in sooner. Turns out he had two ear infections and possible pneumonia. Poor Kid. Then on Thursday, Kim, Dan, Madeleine, Christian, and I went to Vernal. Christian and I stayed until Saturday. Saturday, Marcus and I had to finish our last minute Christmas stuff and wrapping. We stayed up too late watching a very stupid movie, but did finish everything we needed to.

Sunday morning we had to take Marcus' mom her Christmas present and visit with her for a bit. Then we had church and another miniature Christmas party with Marcus' brother-in-law and nephew. Everyone has gone to look at Christmas lights, but I opted out. I needed ten minutes of "me time" and peace and quiet. In a little bit, the Christmas Eve rituals will all start and then the craziness begins again. I am so exhausted and I just need a couple hours to collect myself and get myself back together. But I don't get a couple of hours for who knows how long. I am looking so forward to New Year's to be here and gone and then life can slowly start to get back to being almost normal. Right?!

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