Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sitting Room Redo

I'm slowly redoing different rooms in our home. Our sitting room has been the exact same since we built the house in 2003. It was definitely time to do something different.

All the frames were gold! Yikes! We put this room together before I got comfortable with what I know I like.

I always hated that couch. Marcus brought that with him when we got married. It was ugly and nasty and now it's finally gone!!

I love what the room looks like now!!

Marcus was nice enough to paint the wall while I had the kids at my family reunion one weekend. After the wall was painted, it was just a matter of finishing all the little odds and ends needed.

Sorry for the awful pictures; I took them at night with a flash...

I moved the piano and got different decorations to go on top to match the new colors of the room.
(Oops...left the lamp on.)

I have a new love for spray paint. It can make something look completely different and it is oh so cheap. I spray painted the lamp and added a corny piece of ribbon to add color to it. I also used red spray paint on the family sign to add more color as well.

Entry way:

Marcus calls this my moldy G. (excuse the vinyl saying reflection in the mirror.)
I also spray painted the mirror black. I think the G looks good there. I made it and instead of spending around $80 like Anthropology, I spent like $6.

I used more red spray paint to redo the container on the wall, and then I added new flowers that look much better.

And my favorite part:

All I did was paint canvases I got on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I love the colors and how it all came together. I also love that Marcus hung all the canvases so I didn't have to.

(Picture taken at night...sorry.)

Closer shot of the table.

The colors go with the new colors in the family room area. I'll post pictures of that someday too. (If it can stay clean longer than five seconds!)

My only problem with the room is this:

I can't find the type of curtains OR chairs I am looking for. I want two accent chairs that match my wall that aren't 200 bucks a pop. I never realized that accent chairs are so much money. I am hesitant to get curtains until I can find a chair that I like so the material will match.

I love that I did this room as affordable as I did. Most of the stuff was re-used from what I all ready had in that room and I got out of the doing the hardest part! (the painting of the wall.)

Hopefully I will have a new area to show off shortly...

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Meredith Resnick said...

My favorite part is that moldy G on the mirror. :)
Love it. Looks great.
Your canvas display is great!

~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

A Mother Seeking...

Cankles said...

I really enjoyed viewing this blog you've created. Cool posts and photos you've posted. Come check out my site sometime. Thanks!