Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October Review...

My computer and I have been separated far too long. Marcus' computer bit the dust, so he hijacked mine until he got a new one. Then my computer decided to be dumb; it keep shutting itself down in the middle of me doing stuff. So when I finally got it back, we cuddled and snuggled and made up for lost time. Now that it's had time to recover, here is our October in Review.

Early in the month, we went to the 3D showing of Toy Story 1 and 2..yes, that's right, two movies in a row. I have heard this movie a zillion times from the car DVD player but had only seen it once before. My parents came out and my sister and her family came too. It was a fun afternoon. Christian was way excited. He convinced me to buy him a Buzz Lightyear shirt, and he also brought his Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bulls Eye dolls with him. This is one boy who loves him some Toy Story.

Emma, on the other hand, could really have cared less....

Christian LoVeS being outside. He had to be in the pictures I was taking of our pumpkins on steroids. I don't know what happened to our pumpkins this year, but we only got five and they were HuGe!!

Christian and Emma's preschool went to a pumpkin patch for a field trip, so we did get a few normal sized pumpkins.

The three of us went down to Draper with my sister and went to a little pumpkin patch/fair thing. It was freezing and kinda lame, but the kids had fun.

I didn't want anymore pumpkins at the house, so Christian and Emma chose the little, tiny pumpkins.

I made these little critters for a Young Women's Daddy/Daughter party. Cute huh?!

This too...I don't like cheesecake or white chocolate so I wasn't tempted to eat the leftovers; it worked out well.

I think this was the last Halloween that I got to decide what Christian would be. Isn't he the cutest Peter Pan you have ever seen????

Emma was soooo excited to be Tinkerbell. She talked about it forever! So cute!!

Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

We went to our Ward Trunk or Treat and then around the neighborhood for a few minutes. It was a good Halloween.

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