Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots O' Closets...Clean Closets Even

Last month over at Organizing Junkie's site, cupboards and closets were the monthly roundup challenge. I didn't get before pictures of Christian's or Emma's rooms. It was one of those times I was putting away laundry and decided to just clean out their closets and got carried away.

Emma's Closet

Emma has way too many shoes. One of the baskets is over flowing with shoes.

Christian's Closet

I made labels for Christian's bins. He can no longer use the excuse of not knowing where things go. I got all the bins because that child has WAY too many toys. I'm not a huge fan of toy boxes; you can't see what's in them and things get over looked. Or when you are looking for something particular, you have to unload the whole box. The bins have been working very well, and Christian's room has been much cleaner.

I did get before pictures of my closet. I don't like the way my closet is designed. When we built the house six years ago, I didn't have the slightest idea on how to design a closet.



My closet had too many clothes hanging in it so I decided to fold the jeans and use the bins for things that didn't need to be hung up. I am much happier (for now) with my closet.

I also cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards, drawers and pantry. I didn't take pictures, but it looks much better.

Thanks to Laura over at Organizing Junkie for doing these things every month and getting me more organized!


Kelli said...

OH MY! You have a BUNCH of jeans! I only own 3 pr and one of those really doesn't fit but I save them for yardwork, etc.

Great job on the closets... so much pink in Emma's Awwww

Abbie said...

I just love your much space! And I think it is cute the the kid's closets have clothing hanging low. What a great idea to put picture labels on your son's drawers. I definitely think they are easier for kids to understand. Thanks for the tip!
I came over from OrgJunkie. Thanks for this post!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Wow! Your closets look great!

Patricia said...

Your closets are amazing! You accomplished alot. I don't like toy boxes either. All our toys are in bins, drawers, baskets. Now I need to make some great labels. :)