Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At Least I am Honest...

I haven't updated in forever. I have had plenty of ideas and things I have thought about writing, but I just haven't. I could say that we have had a lot of stuff going on. We had two child preparation classes that we went to last week. One was breastfeeding and the other was childbirth preparation. The breastfeeding class was very informational and I actually learned a lot. It didn't really calm any of my fears, but we'll see what happens. The other class had a lot of good information, but didn't calm my fears either. The thought of giving birth scares me to death.
I could also say that Easter kept us busy. We had a good day with family and lots of candy. I will admit it, I ate all of Christian's peeps....oopsy. We had an Easter egg/candy hunt at Marcus' mom's house with all his family. I also had a really good nap on Jean's couch while the kids and Marcus played in the teepee that Jean has in her backyard.
I could also blame it on the fact that we now officially have two businesses. I would like to think that I have Charley's and Marcus does doesn't work that way. I have to do things for his photography business as well. So I feel a little overwhelmed at times. I could also blame it on being too busy chasing Christian around or running the girls to something different every single day.
See, there are a lot of things I could technically blame for me not updating more frequently. But it all comes down to one thing; I am just too darn lazy. It requires a lot of energy to make my fingers push the buttons and form words which are suppose to make sense. (half the time they don't.) I am too tired half the time to even think straight, let alone make sense when I write things down. I will try to get better...I remember saying this before. It didn't work that time, why should I think I'll do better this time? Okay, I'm not going to lie...I will write when I feel like it. No more, no less.

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