Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday...1st Edition

I came across this awesome blog that does What I Wore Wednesday where you post pictures of the outfits you wore the past week. I so need this right now! I have gotten so bad at just staying in my jammies or where stained, baggy sweat pants and Marcus' t-shirts.

Knowing that I would be taking pictures of my outfits every day and posting them for the whole world to see gave me the motivation to start caring what I look like again. (except for Monday. Monday didn't happen. I didn't get dressed or shower until night.)


White button up shirt: Old Navy
Black tank top: Down East Outfitters
Pants: Target....I am in between sizes right now and I REFUSE
to spend a small fortune on pants that will hopefully only fit for a couple of more months.
Belt: I have no idea...I've had it forever
Shoes: Kohls
Necklace: I made the gray one. The other one says "I Can Do Hard Things".
It's from The R House Couture.

Isn't it so cute?! The tutorial is on Little Miss Momma. It was super easy and made it in an afternoon while I was at my parents' house.

My bracelets I have been wearing a lot lately.
The red one is from my little boy for my last birthday.
The green one says Donate Life.
I donated a kidney and that's what I got to replace it. :)


Shirt: Boutique at the mall
Jeggings: Forever 21...yes, I own jeggings.
They are the most comfortable things. Ever.
Boots: Kohls
Badge: Christian's School. I volunteered today and forgot I had it
on when I took the picture.
Headband: I don't know...Quilted Bear maybe?

But isn't it really cute?
And look!
No grays!!


Shirt: Boutique at the mall
Jeans: DKNY that I have had forever.
Shoes: Target
Hat: Quilted Bear

Looking at this picture made me realize that this shirt is so not cute.
It was really cute on the hanger.


Dress: Impel Clothing
Boots: another thing I have had forever and have no clue where they came from
same with the necklace. But if I had to guess, I would say necklace was Charlotte Russe.

I love the waist on this dress. It hides my muffin top very well.

*Remember Monday didn't happen this week*

Black Lace Shirt: Sweetest Thingz Boutique
Black T-shirt: Down East Basic
Pink Sweater: Impel Clothing
Belt: Impel Clothing
Jeans: Aeropostale Skinny Jeans
Boots: Birthday present a couple of years ago
Bracelet: Forever 21

Look at the detail on this sweater and belt. I love it!

I really enjoyed actually "getting dressed" this past week. I need to work on my pictures though. Half the time my bed isn't made. Then you can see my garbage pile from cleaning off my desk that I hadn't thrown away yet. And let's not even talk about how dirty that mirror is. I'm going to clean it right now!

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Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Ok, I just HAVE to know what is Impel Clothing and where can I find it???? That grey dress is just BEYOND amazing...I must own one :)

Mai said...

The dress is superb, looks really flattering on you!
Isn't it funny how from other clothes/accessories you know exactly when and where you got them while others are in total blur?! :)

Natalia Lynn said...

I love your outfits. Very cute and practical, that is right up my alley! Found you from Momma-go-Round's party! Oh and I love the design of your blog, did you do it yourself?

Anonymous said...


stacey said...

Welcome to WIWW! Love the fabulous dress - it does have the best waistline!

Eva said...

I can't believe you went from sweats to completely put together awesome outfits....go you! I really like your looks!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Adorable outfits! Welcome to WIWW. Love the pink sweater. Thursday's outfit is awesomeness and wowzers at the necklace you made. Will have to check out the tutorial.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Hmmmm ive never heard of Impel clothing. Are they like a local Boutique or a large chain? Regardless, I love alot of the pieces you posted from them. You looked great all week!
And can I just say you obviously have a big heart: donating a kidney, adopting and looking to do so again. God Bless you for it:) My sister is adopted!
Have a great day.

Sugar Mama said...

so cute! That dress would be perfect (I struggle with a muffin top!) And I always say this on other what I wore posts, but you all are SO good at layering! I just don't know how to do it right.

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

So cute, welcome to WIWW!!

Jodi said...

My faves: your Kohl's brown boots and the necklace you made - it's awesome!
Great first WIWW post!

Frenchy said...

Love the outfits !!! I loved dressing up too. It's a good goal and i also find that a lot of things don't look good when i take pictures of them on me...Loved your post ! XOXO
Come follow me back please !

Carri said...

Love the outfits! The first one is definately my fav! OH and the flowered headband it adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the WIWW family!

tiny twig said...

love that dress--it is seriously darling on you!

Michele said...

Welcome to WIWW!!! I'm visiting from the Pleated Poppy :) You have great style!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Love anything ruffled! I totally need to start checking out the necklace tutorials! So many of you ladies who link up to the Pleated Poppy with me are making them now...I totally want to as well!

Karri said...

Yes- what is this Impel Clothing? I am loving the dress and cardi and whatnot!!!! Love your looks :)


DaenelT said...

Very cute! Love each of your outfits. The gray flower necklace is adorable! Can't believe you made that.

I'm participating in this meme too but I'm only posting what I wore on Wednesday (too lazy to do more).

Kristen Duke Photography said...

so many cute outfits! love the pink ruffle sweater and your brown boots and your brownish headband!

Anonymous said...


Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

MUST own that dress! That necklace you made is amazing too!
Come link up at my party too-I want everyone to see your super cuteness!

D said...

Waaaay cute!!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Soooo cute! I need to do something like that -- I've gotten sooo bad lately!